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SCEJ 52nd Autumn Meeting (Okayama, 2021)

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Session programs : ST-25

ST-25,SY-56,SY-64,SY-65,SY-70 are changed from live streaming sessions to online sessions.
The preprints are now open (Sep. 8). These can be viewed by clicking the Paper IDs. The ID/PW sent to the Registered participants (excludes free registration) and invited persons are required.

ST-25 [Trans-Division Symposium]
Circular Economy Driven by Chemical Engineering (Changed to Virtual)

Organizers: Gotoh Takehiko (Hiroshima Univ.), Ogata Takeshi (AIST), Kawakita Hidetaka (Saga Univ.)

In recent years, a shift to a circular economy from the linear economy has attracted much attention. The shift from the society of mass production and mass disposal to the society of recovery and reuse is required for environmental and resource protection. In this symposium, we will discuss about the efficient separation and recovery process, the renewable material producing process, and the efficient recycling system for the efficient reuse of waste plastics and metals to produce the next product. This is trans-division symposium organized by the Separation Processes division, the Materials an Interfaces division, and the Environment division.

ST-25, SY-56, SY-64, SY-65, SY-70 were changed to Online session.

Hall LE, Day 2

Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
Hall LE(A37 Live/Online), Day 2(Sep. 23)
(9:00–10:20) (Chair: Gotoh Takehiko, Yamamoto Mitsuo)
9:009:40LE201[Invited lecture] Addressing the Challenges of Plastics
(Mitsui Chemicals) (Cor)Sekiguchi Michiru
circuler economy
9:4010:00LE203Effect of re-extrusion condition on mechanical properties of virgin polyethylene by using a special type of twin-screw extruder
(Fukuoka U.) *(Stu)Kimura Tetsuya, Kawakami Yuki, (Stu)Kaneyasu Haruka, Phanthong Patchiya, (Reg)Yao Shigeru
twin screw extruder
mechanical properties
10:0010:20LE204[Featured presentation] Evaluation of changes in mechanical properties and lamellar structure of polyethylene treated with various shear deformation by using optical spectroscopic methods
(Fukuoka U.) *(Stu)Kaneyasu H., Phanthong P., (Reg)Yao S.
shear deformation
lamellar structure
Rheo-Raman analysis
(10:40–12:00) (Chair: Kawakita Hidetaka, Yao Shigeru)
10:4011:20LE206[Invited lecture] Efforts to recycle manufacturing process wastewater
(LION) (Cor)Nishikawa Naoki
11:2011:40LE208[Featured presentation] Synthesis of phosphorus fertilizer from sludge ash and mass balance
(Niigata U.) *(Stu)Niwa Naoya, (Stu)Khashbaatar Zoltuya, (Reg)Kim Hee Joon
Phosphorus, sludge ash
phosphorus fertilizer
circulating society
11:4012:00LE209Evaluation of physical properties of Au nanoparticles biosynthesized in E. coli
(Osaka Pref. U.) *(Stu)Kikuchi Shoichiro, (Osaka Pref. U. C. T.) (Reg)Kurahashi Kensuke, (Osaka Pref. U.) Tokumoto Hayato, (Reg)Saito Takeyasu
Bio mineralization
Gold nanoparticles
(13:00–14:20) (Chair: Ogata Takeshi, Saito Takeyasu)
13:0013:20LE213[Featured presentation] Increase of paper production from sugarcane bagasse in Egypt as an alternative to fossil-based plastic for reducing marine plastic litter
(U. Tokyo) *(Reg)Yamamoto Mitsuo, Akter Rumana, Razafindrabe Miarisoa, (UNIDO) Nishio Nahomi
Plastic alternative material
Sugarcane bagasse
13:2013:40LE214Extraction and separation of useful compounds from algae and utilization of polymeric residue
(Saga U.) *(Reg)Kawakita Hidetaka, (Stu)Hidane Takanori, Sakamura Ryota, Demura Mikihide, (Reg)Morisada Shintaro, (Reg)Ohto Keisuke
13:4014:00LE215Selective recovery of rare earth element by hydrometallurgical process with anion adsorbed hydrogels
(Hiroshima U.) *(Reg)Gotoh Takehiko, (Stu·PCEF)Hanai Kensho, (Reg)Nakai Satoshi
Rare earth metal
Selective recovery
14:0014:20LE216Speciation of Platinum Complexes in Nitric Acid Solutions and its Separation Using Ion Exchange Resins
(AIST) *(Reg)Suzuki Tomoya, (Kansai U.) Otsubo Ukyo, (AIST) (Reg)Ogata Takeshi, (JAEA) Shiwaku Hideaki, Kobayashi Tohru, Yaita Tsuyoshi, (Kansai U.) (Reg)Matsuoka Mitsuaki, (Reg)Murayama Norihiro, (AIST) (Reg)Narita Hirokazu
Platinum complexes
Ion-exchange resins
XAFS spectroscopy

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